Accredited Intuitive Reiki Master & Teacher

Charmaine Haig


Reiki Energy Healing completely changed my life after being diagnosed with severe Chronic Adrenal Fatigue, extreme stress, executive burn out after years of running my hectic London businesses, some 10 years ago.

I had a diagnosis of work addiction & trying to over-achieve – much to do with my hidden low self-worth & avoiding my emotions at that time.

I was depressed and so lost in many areas in my life even though my achievement in my businesses was thriving but at the cost of my health, wellbeing & vitality.


I studied Reiki 1 so I could self-heal myself at home as going to Reiki Practitioners several times a week for some time that it became quite expensive. And there my journey began.

I have been a Reiki Practitioner since 2009 & Reiki Master since 2012, practicing at my business, My Urban Retreat since inception.

I have a successful portfolio of case studies with SA, UK & International clients (One 2 One & with Distant Healing). I find great joy in guiding others on their healing & well being journey as it helps me just as much. Being a healer is not a job, it’s a way of life.

I have well over 2500 reiki hours under my belt and stopped counting a while back. I am a full-time healer.

 I studied the Traditional Usui Ryoto Shiki Reiki in the teachings of founder of Reiki, Dr Usui, of whom I’m directly 9th in line from his teachings and have became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2016 after a year or so of study following several years attaining & understanding Reiki Energy Healing properly at each level.

I am fascinated by the journey of my clients, what has brought them to be as they are and there is nothing more rewarding than watching them positively grow and through guidance and self-work, to find their vitality, life glow & smile again.

Healing Journey’s aren’t easy & it makes me proud to see my clients courageously take the commitment to see it through. The energy healing gives them the capacity, self-power & ground to do so.


I am an ‘active’ energy therapist as opposed to ‘passive’ meaning that I feel imbalances and then am able to give guidance & support surrounding any issues that come up. I read the energy through my hands, third eye & what I hear.

Even though I have been empathic/sensitive since a child, over my reiki practicing years I have further developed my insight and intuition of clairvoyance & clairaudience, which comes through during a session if a client is open it.

This usually relates to situations from a clients past or absolute present that needs to be dealt with before they can move forward. I only give feedback at your request.

I do not offer this as a separate service nor do I predict the future (we create our own futures) as it only comes through when a client needs the information to pin point and release things.

My clients tell me I give accurate information.


I have the ability to use both my left and right brain equally so I am able to help find creative solutions as well as cognitive ones which helps to give practical and meaningful advice surrounding your healing journey.

I’m also known as a ‘seer’, which means I can visually see & also feel your aura, chakras and emotional state of your spirit during a session. You spirit speaks to me and shows me where its at &  what it needs.

Although straight after your session, my mind will be only in the right side, pls don’t try and book next appointments then as I struggle to deal with admin then! 😉

I am grateful for these gifts, which also help me view a lot deeper during a Distant Reiki session. Therefore, not only do you receive healing in it’s own capacity, I am able to give you a detailed energy report back from my viewing.

During my 8 year self-healing period,  I gained much insight about not only how my own energy works but more about the universal laws & patterns. This experience helps me decipher things about my clients issues as I feel I now am so much more aware than ever before. I am now fully conscious & awake.

I feel blessed that I am on this journey and created the time over the passed years to see it through it properly….. however, I too am forever evolving, growing & learning!”

I look forward to hopefully helping you on the start of your wellbeing/healing journey.

With Love, Light & Blessings,

Charmaine x


Touch For Health® Kinesiology Proficiency

Integral Health, Cape Town (via International Kinesiology College)

Masters/ PHD in Metaphysical Science

University of Sedona, USA

(complete in 2020)


Usui Shiki Ryoto Reiki Teacher Training (Level 4)

Glenda Parkinson , UK

Shiatsu Detox Acupressure (Upper Body & Head)

The Shiatsu Academy, Cape Town

Touch For Health® Kinesiology 1, 2, 3 & 4

Integral Health, Cape Town (via International Kinesiology College)

Seichem Reiki Teacher Training (Level 4)

New Age Therapies, Cape Town

Advanced Intuition & Psychic Ability Course

School of Intuition & Healing, Cape Town

Abundance & Law of Attraction Coaching

Dr. Joe Vitale, USA

Usui Shiki Ryoto Reiki Level 1, 2 & Masters (3)

The Reiki School (Glenda Parkinson), UK

Spirituality & Healing

College of Psychic Studies, London

Higher Consciousness and Awareness

School of Intuition & Insight, London

Aura Reading

New Age Therapies, Cape Town

Basic Counselling Skills

BSY Healing Therapies, UK

Advanced Pendulum Certificate

Udemy, USA

Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1

New Age Therapies, UK

Indian Head Massage



Fine Art Intermedia (BA)

Kingston University, UK

Science Degree Foundation (BSc)  

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Nutrition & Mathematics

(including Anatomy & Physiology)

Human Nutrition (BSc)  

(only 2 yrs completed of 3yrs)

Kingston University, UK


Health & Safety in the Workplace

Chartered Insitute of Environmental Health, UK

Food Hygiene (with Credit)

Royal Institute of Public Health, UK

First Aid Level 1


The Reiki School, Cape Town

Oct 2016 – Present

After completing my Reiki Master Teacher Study it seems natural to create a Reiki School. The Cape Town Reiki school will not only teach the healing modules but the philosophy & daily practice for a balanced life from Dr Usui, Founder of Reiki and modules around human energy medicine & metaphysics.

My Urban Retreat, Cape Town

May 2012 – Present

I am the Founder & Owner at My Urban Retreat in the centre of Cape Town, which has successfully evolved over the past 7 years. I work to help others heal, find balance and positively transform in their lives through an array of modalities both holistic and cognitive but mainly using Energy Healing, Meditation and practical Wellness Workshops.

‘Calling All Angels’ London

January 2010 – February 2011

This was a part-time business that was set up to invite potential clients to have a taster of different healing modalities such as Group Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to name a few or to audience a platform for inspirational speakers and coaches.

The Charmaingel Rooms, London

August 2009 – April 2011

I was based in London during my early years of Reiki Energy Healing. I facilitated from different spaces around my mainstream businesses at the time.

A Few  Retreats, Workshops & Spiritual Journeys

(I have had the pleasure to attend)

Pilgrimage through the Himalayas, India

2 Week Journey in 2002, India

Inner Journey, Self Exploration & Healing Retreat, UK

5 Weeks in 2009, UK

Joseph McClendon – NLP meets Law of Attraction Workshop

40 hours in June 2010, London, UK

21 Days of Self-Healing for Master Level Reiki 

3 weeks in 2012, UK

Dr. D. Martini – Breakthrough Experience

3 days in August 2013, South Africa

A Weekend of Silent Meditation & Inner Reflection

3 days in 2014, South Africa

Buddhist Meditation & Chanting Weekend

with His Holiness Chamtrul Rinpoche, Tibet

3 days in 2015, South Africa

 Inner Journey & Energy Work Weekend for Shamanic Healers

3 days in August 2016, South Africa

Energy Meditation & Purification in the Temples of Bali

2 days in 2017, Bali

Soul Purpose & Practice Weekend for Shamanic Healers

3 days in May 2017, South Africa

Silent Meditation Retreat

3 days in Oct 2018, South Africa

Sacred Soma Land Retreat

2 days in Jan 2019, South Africa

Inca Despacho, Mother Earth & Fire Ceremonies

4 days in July 2019, Isla Del Sol, Bolivia

Shamanic Rites (Munay-Ki) 

1month in July/Aug 2019, Sacred Valley, Peru


from Dr. Mikao Usui (Founder of Reiki)


Charmaine Haig, My Urban Retreat