How to Choose Your Package?

It’s best to come for a Holistic Consultation first (2.5, 2 & 1.5hr sessions available). Sometimes you get all the healing you need in the Consultation otherwise a plan will be advised for you. 

For people who have…

1 -2 hours of healing:

…current immediate issues such a being overworked/fatigued, a mild traumatic experience or argument, or recently in a negative space or mild anxiety. Need a small life shift.

2 – 4 hours of healing:

…had a recent break up, mild suppressed emotions, a more serious (recent) traumatic experience, loss of a loved one, medium anxiety or depression. Need a medium life shift. 

Our Suggestion:

Chi Blending Package 

4 – 6hours of healing:   

…serious suppressed emotions, mild addictive behaviours, more serious anxiety or depression but coping. Need a larger life shift.

Our Suggestion:

21 days of healing package 

6-8 hours or more:       

For those with chronic conditions such as dealing with chemo or other illnesses, long term/ severe addiction/anxiety/depression, negative things carried from childhood. Need a severe life shift transformation. 

Our Suggestion:

Energy Rehab Package 


8hrs on 21 days of healing package

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Reiki Energy Healing is a light-contact healing treatment which promotes healing and deep relaxation in the body. The practice uses traditional hand movements, hand-positioning and targeted hand-resting with minimal pressure on or slightly above the body. Reiki means “universal life force energy”. 

By engaging in a deeply relaxing holistic process, individuals will experience feelings of peace, clarity and overall improved well being. It is a natural, safe and gentle practice which treats the individual body, emotions, mind and spirit. 

Reiki is complementary to medical treatments and can help reduce healing time, stress and negative side effects. The proactive approach to healing through reiki can create optimism and give a feeling of power during a period of medical treatment. 

Reiki sessions are non-invasive where the individual lies down, fully clothed in a warm room, on a massage table. Sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the needs of the individual. Multiple sessions may be required to treat long-term conditions however one to two sessions can help significantly help with stress reduction and current issues. 


Reiki Student (Level 1)                     

can only practice of themselves, close friends and family for free.

Reiki Apprentice/ Practitioner (Level 2)         

is attuned to a light level of universal energy, may charge clients for healing sessions but are still learning and must stay within guidelines as they learn the energy. Clients require more reiki sessions to get the same affect of a higher-level Reiki Practitioner. There should be at least 6 – 12months of learning before being attuned to the next level & depending on how much practice they have had.

Reiki Advanced /Practitioner (Level 3 )         

At this level the practitioner has been attuned to a stronger current of energy and should be by now well equipped on how to use it and how to interpret what comes through. At this level the advanced practitioner should be practicing the Reiki way of life and incorporates daily disciplines of well-being and balance in order to be able to have further knowledge for their clients. More healing energy is carried through in a shorter period of time.

Reiki Master/ Teacher  (Level 4 )            

A Reiki Master Teacher is dedicated to the Reiki Way of Life and at a higher state of consciousness and balance. At least 12 – 18months of holistic self-study should have been digested in order to open more channels of wisdom and interpretation, before being attuned to this highest level of energy. A Master/ Teacher dedicates their lives to further study and the Reiki way of life. A Reiki Master Teacher can achieve a much more in-depth & shorter healing sessions with their clients and can also now give out attunments to their students.

NB: Charmaine Haig at My Urban Retreat is a Level 4 Reiki Master/ Teacher & has studied and practiced for 10 years, 7 years practiced full time Reiki as her main job.

Read More About Charmaine Haig, Reiki Master Teacher