(All classes must be booked in advance, no drop ins). 


Once Off @ R75

Pack of 3 @ R195

Pack of 6 @ R330

Pack of 10 @ R500

BOOK by emailing us with your details, a head shot photo (for ID purposes), which class pack you would like, which of the weekly classes you’d like to attend. 

We will send you through all the details you need to start. 

NB: Our  booking system will be on-line by September, pls bear with us! 



Every 2nd Saturday there is an hour class on Meditation 101 for the novice and the other 2 Saturdays there will be a 1 hour class on a different self-healing subject also beneficial to those starting out. 

 Sometimes a 30min Full Chakra Tune UP with an emphasis on grounding (Red Root Chakra) will take place as this the chakra that gets blocked in most people. It’s great practice for learning, feeling & cleansing the Chakras (energy centres) of the body. 




Pls check Time Table for further details. 


My Urban Retreat, Tamboerskloof

NB: We will be adding more locations around Cape Town

Class Duration

30, 45, 60mins

Occasionally 90 – 120 min short workshops

3  days per week


Charmaine Haig, Owner of My Urban Retreat & The Cape Town Reiki School

(8 years of meditation facilitating experience)

What to Bring?

Whatever will make you more comfortable i.e. your own yoga mat, block, towel, blanket, bottle of water.

What to wear?

Please come in comfortable loose fitting clothes or make yourself as comfortable as you can in what you are wearing. Bring socks if your feet are likely to get cold. 


Pls be aware you need  arrive 5-10mins early from class as once started. Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone in who late in as they will disturb the others. 

A note will be up on the door to let you know if class is in progress.

Pls do not knock or ring the bell at this time. 


  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety 
  • Learn to Control Your Thoughts 
  • Still the Mind
  • Inner Peace
  • Release Negative Emotions
  • Create Focus & Bring Clarity 
  • Concentrate & Focus 
  • Connect to Higher Self
  • Unlock Your Creative Potential 
  • Promotes Deep Relaxation
  • Raises Your Energetic Vibration

About Charmaine Haig

(Class Facilitator) 

Charmaine Haig the owner of both My Urban Retreat (EST 2012 in CT) & the Cape Town Reiki School (Est 2016) has been self-practicing meditation since her early teens as encouraged by the Indian side of her family.

She has since  tried many types of meditation from different cultural backgrounds through reading books & self practice, attending various retreats & meditation groups around the world.

Charmaine started her Reiki journey in 2009 and it has only been through her practice as a full time Reiki Master/Teacher journey for the past 8 years.

Now she has been able to fine tuned what seems to work best for her clients and has since been facilitating guided meditations for the past 6 years.

During 1 to 1 Reiki Healing Sessions,  clients are known to go into deep meditative states after just a very short guided meditation at the beginning.

Therefore, sometimes Charmaine uses the Reiki energy in a group session to help individuals settle in by placing her hands near around their heads as they are in a sitting in a meditation pose to kickstart the process (optional). 

This helps those who say they ‘can’t’ meditate to let them know it is possible through practice and they ‘can’ eventually get there. You can feel the stillness. 

Charmaine also uses room energy healing during her meditation classes to cleanse and clear any omitted negative energy. Therefore all students leave feeling lighter and cleansed. 


It’s an effortless and very enjoyable experience that results in deep relaxation, elimination of stress, focusing and a heightened appreciation of life.

Who are these classes for? 

All classes are suitable for all levels (and for those who cannot meditate) As our regulars mature in each class, we will start to create more advanced classes to accommodate them if they wish. However, advanced meditators tend to practice in their own capacity. These classes will grow organically. 

Why come to a class?

There are many people who find it difficult to actually make time to switch off. By coming to a class you are already telling your energy/higherself that this is what’s going to happen and you can’t distract yourself from doing it. 

Many people also find that the collective energy from the group more powerful in helping them to get into a meditative state. 

Class Not For You? 

Perhaps a one to one Guided Session would work better? 



We suggest buying yourself a journal or making notes in your phone straight after class. 

  • Ask yourself why you are going into the class?
  • What do you want to gain from it? 
  • Which parts resonated with you most?
  • What can you take home for practice?
  • Anything that came up whilst you were there in your mind that was noteworthy.

(in meditation we connect to our higher selves which brings internal answers and clarity).



Some of these classes are ‘just meditation’. The others have been designed to focus on your energy centres known as the chakras (using guided meditation).

Each chakra corresponds to different challenges we face in human life such as our emotions, anxiety, self power etc… chakras can be overactive, underachieve, blocked or in balance

(Pls refer to the key chart on the left)

These classes  heal all aspects of the self and also help you switch off, be present & find  absolute stillness in the meditations. 

Parts of the class are guided and in the last 10-15 minutes there will be silence for you drift.

The majority are designed for 30mins, which is most peoples capacity to manage it… at least in the beginning. 

However, these classes are meant to teach you practical tools to take home with you to help you start on your own hence by part of it is guided.

Thus learning to master meditation yourself. Take home the parts of the class that resonate with you.

The class structure has been designed so there will always be 2 x 30mins almost back to back so that those who travel from far don’t feel like they are coming all that way for just 30mins.

 There is a 15min break in between each class for turnover. 

NB: As our classes grow, we will find new venues in and around Cape Town so we can reach you all.