“Charmaine has such a soothing voice…. in a sense it’s almost hypnotic. I was able to relax and follow as she took the group into a deep space. I suddenly felt like that it was only her and me in the room as I journeyed into the depths of my myself. Highly recommended for those who find it difficult to get there on your own”.

Victoria, Cape Town


“Wow I’m not sure what dimension I was transported but it felt incredible. I didn’t know I could be so still. 30mins was the perfect amount of time for a beginner like me…. I look forward to when I can manage an hour!! Thank you Charmaine!’

HT, Cape Town


“I attended the guided Chakra Cleansing Session. I find it difficult to stop my ever whirling head but I managed too because Charmaine stood behind me and helped by sending reiki energy down into me for what was probably a minute (she told me what she did later).  I immediately felt the waves come through and my busy thoughts washed away.  I saw colours from behind my closed eyes and suddenly I found my ‘still’. I could almost hear my heart beating from within me. I know I need to learn to do this by myself but at least I know what I’m aiming for now. I’m definitely going back for more”.

Hayleigh, Cape Town


“I’m not a fan of the guided meditation you can download from the Internet so was dubious about this class when it said it was guided. What a special voice Charmaine has…. I could listen to her for hours. She only guided us for the first part of the session but it was enough to take me to where I needed to go!! Amazing!!”


Anon, Cape Town


“I attended the “Connect to Nature” short meditation workshop in Deer Park with Charmaine leading the group. We learnt about to feel the energy around us. How to use Earth energy to re-charge but my favourite part was the meditation…. I was able to hear so much more from nature (apart from the birds) that I think I usually naturally drown out. It was a wonderful experience. Charmaine is very inspiring!”

T. Fines, Johannesburg