A Gentle Healing Process

21 days is an optimum time for the mind, body and spirit to heal enough to be able to catalyst into a self-healing journey that is manageable as you will have come back into balance as this is usually enough time to make or break a habit. 

Giving yourself time to reflect and have some introspection from each healing session helps you learn life lessons and hopefully create a more solid future free from any past trauma, triggers or emotions. 

With packages of 10hrs & above,  you receive a complimentary workbook (valued at R250) to help guide you through your 21 days of home retreat outside of the sessions. For packages of 6 or 8hrs, you will be given some home practice/ guidance if requested. 

A  Holistic Consultation Session is necessary to help us understand your needs and structure your package over 3 weeks. These are available in 3, 2.5, 2 & 1.5hr sessions. 


4hrs @ R2600 (save R600)

6hrs @ R3750 (save R1050)

8hrs @ R4800 (save R1600)

10hrs @ R5550 (save R2450)

12hrs @ 6000 (save R3,600)

You’ll become a LOYALTY CLIENT 

after booking in for 10 x 60mins

& will receive discounts

on any additional sessions & workshops thereafter. 


 Level 4 Reiki Energy Healing

Shiatsu Acupressure Detox Massage

(Shoulders, Neck Arms & Head)

Guided Meditation/ Journey 

Guided Grounding & Chakra Balance

(using Reiki)

Sound Healing using Full Moon Made –

Nepalese Singing Bowl

TFH Kinesiology 

Pack of  Meditation/ Well-Being Classes (pls enquire)


Distant Reiki via Skype

Outdoor Guided Meditation

Holistic/ Spiritual Guidance & Readings

Indian Head Massage 

Animal Healing

Space Clearing



How to Choose Your Package?

For people who have…

1 -2 hours of healing:

…current immediate issues such a being overworked/fatigued, a mild traumatic experience or argument, or recently in a negative space or mild anxiety. Need a small life shift.

2 – 4 hours of healing:

…had a recent break up, mild suppressed emotions, a more serious (recent) traumatic experience, loss of a loved one, medium anxiety or depression. Need a medium life shift. 

Our Suggestion:

Chi Blending Package 

4 – 6hours of healing:   

…serious suppressed emotions, mild addictive behaviours, more serious anxiety or depression but coping. Need a larger life shift.

Our Suggestion:

21 days of healing package 

6-8 hours or more:       

For those with chronic conditions such as dealing with chemo or other illnesses, long term/ severe addiction/anxiety/depression, negative things carried from childhood. Need a severe life shift transformation. 

Our Suggestion:

Energy Rehab Package 


8hrs on 21 days of healing package

If you would like to discuss further, pls




Mix & Match

This makes a great GIFT VOUCHER for someone who is in need of a detoxing, de-stressing & a much needed ad hoc energy balance.

Perhaps this person is you?

Blend together any of our holistic therapies or just choose one!

Perfect for that once in a while reset and energy top up!

Less Talk, More Pamper. 

We can create a personalised e-voucher for your recipient with a message. 

1 hour @ R700

1.5 hours @ R1000

2 hours  @ R1300

2.5 hours @ R1600

3 hrs @ R1900


 Level 4 Reiki Energy Healing

Shiatsu Acupressure Detox Massage

(Shoulders, Neck Arms & Head)

Guided Meditation/ Journey 

Guided Chakra Balance

(using Reiki)




Pack of 3 @ R195

Pack of 6 @ R330

Pack of 10 @ R500

Some of these 30min classes are more MEDITATION but some have been designed to work focusing on your energy centres known as the chakras (using guided meditation).

Each chakra corresponds to different challenges we face in human life such as our emotions, anxiety, self power etc… chakras can be overactive, underachieve, blocked or in balance.

These classes are for healing all aspects of the self using the chakras and also helping you switch off, be present & find you absolute still in the meditations. 

Parts of the class are guided and in the last 10-15 minutes there will be silence for you drift.

Most of the classes are designed for 30mins which is most peoples capacity (in the beginning) to manage it. 

Most of the classes will contain meditation as the main part of the 30mins.

However, these classes are meant to teach you practical tools to take home with you to help you cope and manage every day life hence by part of it is guided.

So you can learn to master yourself. You can take home the parts of the class that resonate with you and practice there. 

Energy Rehabilitation


Total Transformation

If you are reading this you are at a stage where big life change and transformation has been on your mind. Perhaps you are tired of carrying baggage from the past or need to release something from your life?

My Energy Rehab(™) is for those who wish to properly invest a life shift by starting a healing journey with gusto and working through any past problems, any current issues and move forward to a healthier, happier & more vibrant future.

This package is designed to suit you, your time and needs but it is suggested that you try and clear your social schedule as much as you can for the first 3 weeks.  You can take from it what you want…. but you are encouraged to take this opportunity to really work on yourself.

We call this ‘Energy Rehab’ as there is a strong possibility that life will be healthier, happier & more clear at the end of your 3 weeks, which is only the beginning of all sorts of positive possibilities to come.

You will learn as you go, ways to in which to manage your life with  simple and practical life tools that you can keep for life. The energy healing will help you keep disciplined and focused and give you the ability to keep nurturing yourself throughout.


It is similar to 21 days of healing except that your package is a bespoke design which includes :

Included in Your Package

2.5Hr Holistic Consultation 

Holistic Assessment 

Detailed Holistic Report

Guided Meditation MP3’s

Detailed Home Workbook/ Journal

Your 3 Week Programme

At least 2 x 60mins of Reiki per week

(In Person or Distant)

Intital 2 x 30min One 2 One Guided Meditation

(to learn how to ground and centre yourself at home)

Support & Guidance throughout

Final Assessment/ Energy Check

15% off any additional workshops or sessions. 


 Level 4 Reiki Energy Healing

Grounding with Earth Energy 

Shiatsu Acupressure Detox Massage

(Shoulders, Neck Arms & Head)

Guided Meditation

Shamanic Journeying

Guided Chakra Balance

TFH Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Pack of 10 x 30min Well-Being Classes

Our Positive Self-Talk Programme


Distant Reiki via Skype

(if you are away)

Outdoor Guided Meditation

Pilates & Yoga 

Juice Cleanse

(delivered to your door)

Home Energy Cleansing/ Space Clearing

This is an 12hour + Package working on approx 3 hrs minimum of session time a week and that you dedicate at least 30mins per week day and at least 1 hour each on Saturday and Sunday to your bespoke programme at home. 

We also invite you to participate in My Urban Retreat Well-Being Classes and Workshops throughout at a discounted rate (which are usually held in the evenings and at weekends). 

The Energy Rehab Package starts a R6950

If you’d like to discuss further