Distant Reiki Testimonials


“Wow – what an amazing session!!  I think you have an amazing gift and it’s wonderful to get this kind of feed back in a distant healing session!”

A.R London, UK


“Thank you so much for my report. Everything in here has so much truth for what I am experiencing in my life. I appreciate all of the time and effort you put in this. I can truly see how amazingly intuitive you are, you have an amazing gift! “

 L-R. R. –Cape Town, SA


“Reiki has been a life changer for me. You’re one of my favouriteenergy healers ever & I have tried many!! Distant reiki is just nuts, in a good way! Too crazy to be true if you know what I mean :-)”

C. Tait, USA


“Charmaine has helped me using both reiki and distant healing. She is so incredibly talented and I can’t even describe how she can can connect to you like that but she does. It’s intense and amazing at the same time. Definitely recommend reiki, meditation and of course distant healing if you can’t go see her in person”

S.C-W, Monaco, Europe


“Totally floored… how does this happen? I felt you like you were in the room with me & working on me in person. Totally relaxed and at peace during the session, so still. Almost like I was levitating but heavy at the same time. I got a dull ache in my arm at one point but felt something shift. My mind casually wandered and I was taken back to times and places I had totally forgotten about. Not sure of the relevance yet but I’m sure it’ll make sense soon. Thank you so much for the report… it all had truth and now I can see a way forward. I feel I suddenly have the courage to do it and I feel empowered and rather fearless! Charmaine – you are truly magic!! I can’t wait to meet you in the flesh one day. Distant Reiki Rocks!”

T.Reeves – Johannesburg, SA