Holistic Consultations come in 2.5, 2 & 1.5hr sessions where you are given a written energy report with intuitive guidance via Clairvoyance (vision), Clairaudience (hearing messages from guides) & Clairsentience (empathic and knowing) plus suggestions moving forward for your healing journey. Sometimes your totem spirit animal comes through to bring messages.

Anything less is just a ‘Healing Session’ with some short energy feedback. (60mins or less)

See & choose your duration here.


Pls see this link on how to prep for your Distant Session. It’s your personal check list to print & fill,  so you don’t need to send this back to me.

There are other info PDF’s etc in the bullet pointed list on my website page for Distant Reiki if you want to read further but not necessary. 

NB: Below is what I need back from you prior to the session. There is a free smart phone app called Adobe Fill & Sign, which is quick & easy way for you to fill & sign your in-take/disclaimer form (No Printer Needed). Email or What’s App back to me.

You DO NOT need to re-fill in an in-take form if you are an existing client. Unless it’s been a couple of years.

Should I not receive this form at least 12hours before the session, it will not go ahead!


  • Proof of Payment for the session.
  • Print out the Check List
  • Send a (same week) head shot (selfie) so I can see in to your eyes (no-one else in the picture) sent via What’s App & even if I know what you look like. 
  • Your approximate location i.e. town, city.
  • Your full permission before the session (explained in the check list)
  • Remember to set your healing intention for the session.
  • Are you left or right handed? 


90min – 2.5hr session

Pls note I endeavour to get these back to you asap. However, pls be aware that I usually work consecutively with clients in one go whilst in a meditative state (right brain use)… then chronologically write/ record the reports (back in my left brain) in one go. 

It takes time to decipher the metaphors & type up my visions & give individual conclusions & advice. Each report is unique & a mini work of art that cannot be rushed.

Generally, it takes 3-5 business days (Tues to Fri). If there is anything pressing I need to tell you, I will send a snippet/ SMS prior. I do endeavour to get it back to you asap and write reports around working practically with clients.

Written reports in this category are sent via email.


NB: As you are the last of the work week & we are closed SUN & MON – you most likely get your reports mid week on WED/ THURS as the reports are written in chronological order of readings.

Thank you for your understanding & patience with this so your reports are not rushed. No actual timeframes can be given of receiving your report.

45 & 60min sessions

As there is much less info & mainly just a chakra report –  I will come back to you sooner if not immediately possibly by voice note.

30min sessions

This is just a healing session/ energy tune up. Usually used as a maintenance session. There is no feedback.


I see most visions in metaphors & I have to decipher & translate them. Apologies in advance if any of the visions are alarming – they are just showing me the depth of the situation & to give me the feelings I need to give. I always write out the actual visions as they may resonate with you differently. Some visions are pretty literal. 

If you have too many (frozen) blockages, too much overactive energy, a naturally defensive person with your walls up, a very cloudy aura –  I may not vision for you in this session until you have cleared a layer , then I can view/vision for you.

However, usually my other intuitive channels may come through instead (empathic, clairaudient, clairsentiant). The longer the session (the deeper meditation I go into) – the more I can help clear in that one go and even with the above – may vision for you at the end.

If I feel I’m close – I may carry on in the actual healing/viewing passed your session time to get that info. Your write up time may then become a little shorter. 

Please also know that I see things in priority order of what needs healing most first. Sometimes it takes several sessions to work through the layers & get different information through that Universe wants to give you for your journey. I have no will over my intuitive abilities. I get what I am given to give to you. 

If you have taken a session & I’m not viewing anything for you. I may cut it short to allow the energy to clear you and then try again in a few days using the remainder of your session to save your time & money & so you get a report. 

Everybody’s sessions are different in what comes through from different channels. Each report is Unique



Pls also read the reviews on our FB Page.

NB: Healers of the Light are simply attuned vessels, observers and guides. We have no will over your healing whatsoever & only can work for your highest good. All healing is between you & Universe/ Source Energy. You simply ask for it & Universe responds.

There is no judgement in healing/ everyone deserves to be healed if it is there intention. Healing only works once one is ready & are starting a healing journey of there own free will.

Pls make sure you think about what you want and set your intention properly! Or just for your highest good if you want to keep it simple! 🙏🏼🙌🏼✨


Pls read the check list from above well in advance (48hours before). I will What’s App you about 5mins before your session to let you know I’m about to begin. Pls then put your phone on Do Not Disturb/ Airplane Mode & start your own gentle music if needed.  You should feel the energy come through within the first 5-10mins of the session if not before.

If you have very blocked or frozen energy, you may not feel so much in the first session but once you’ve cleared, you’ll feel much more in the next should you need one! 🙌🏽✨


You should feel when I have stopped the connection. I will fully disconnect from you my end so you don’t need to do anything. I’ll then message you to say I have finished. 

If you want to make double sure that I have – pls wash your hands or take a light shower but you can also affirm to yourself:

“I’m thankful and grateful for the Universal Connection. I now safely disconnect. This session between myself & Charmaine has now ended” – or something along these lines. 

You may want to write anything down that happened your end in the session or do some journalling.


Pls read this to know what can happen after a reiki session as you start to heal. I would say 50% of my clients gets some mild symptoms, 25% get severe symptoms and the rest get very few i.e. tiredness. 


NB: I don’t give you your Holistic Healing Plan (should you require one) directly after a session. As everyone heals at different levels (some don’t need to come back again).. I follow up with you a few days later & give a plan then if needed. 

Full Holistic Healing Plans recommendations only given with the 2.5hr Holistic Consultation & suggestions for the 2 & 1.5hr sessions.


Should you require deeper healing from things of the past, need a massive life shift with self clarity and understanding OR have a chronic disease, I would suggest a package of healing sessions.

The more sessions that are booked within a package, the cheaper it becomes. 21days of healing is recommended.  I  usually suggest a certain package of hours after I have seen you the first time if it’s necessary. It’s not always the case. 

DISTANT REIKI: International Client Rates

See PDF below.


11am – 5pm

WED 11am – 1.30pm

THUR 11am – 2pm

FRI 11am – 2pm

SAT 11am – 2pm

SUN Overflow: Pls Enquire  (2pm – 6.30pm)

Pls note Distant Reiki can be done in normal 1-2-1 hours too (below).

TUES – SAT 3pm – 9pm

Late evening distant reiki appointments can be made too, pls enquire (10pm) for global time zones.