Reiki Feedback

Charmaine Haig, Reiki Master Teacher

 SOME CLIENT TESTIMONIALS 2013 – 2018 (current)


“Towards the end of 2013, I was experiencing a rather stagnant period of my life, not sure what I should be doing, where I should be doing it or even who I should be doing it with. My 40th birthday was fast approaching which added to my (dis)stress and frankly I was feeling rather lost. Flicking through the Wellness magazine, one article in particular jumped out at me – describing the author’s experience of Reiki healing at My Urban Retreat with Charmaine Haig -it sounded like just what I needed. Being a skeptical Brit, I put it on the side for a while and carried on feeling sluggish and dissatisfied for a few more days until I could stand it no more. What did I have to loose? Absolutely nothing….

Having arranged an appointment with Charmaine for an initial consultation I turned up feeling slightly anxious. With hindsight this was ridiculous as I left feeling ‘listened to’ and ‘loved’ and was looking forward to my next appointment the following week which was scheduled to be the 1st of 5 Reiki healing sessions.

I never anticipated how Reiki would make me feel so grounded and full of warmth, love and life. I would leave each session with a beaming smile (and full of joy) and would feel revitalised for several following days with a greater sense of ‘self’. The effect of the sessions has not been limited to a short period of time but has changed the way I think about and live my life. I am so grateful to Charmaine for not only conducting the Reiki healing for me, but also for the helpful readings, hints and tips she gave me and the chats we have had between sessions. I can not recommend her highly enough because I can honestly say that she has helped me open my eyes not only to ‘my life’ but to the power and beauty of the universe in which I belong.

Dr. A.Caley GP, London


“Hi Charmaine

After just 3 sessions, I really just want to say thank you again for helping me. I am SO grateful, I cannot begin to tell you. I haven’t felt like this since before I had my kids. I am my old self again. I can see the difference in almost every aspect of my life and I am so grateful. I am fully aware that I have lots more work to do to but at least I feel strong enough and brave to do it now. I have my energy back, my thoughts are so much more rational and positive. This couldn’t have happened at a more appropriate time either. You really are gifted and incredibly generous in your kindness and caring.”

Gill C, Cape Town.


“Thank you so much. I absolutely loved the session I had with you. I felt completely exhausted for the whole of Saturday and Sunday. I also felt a little disorientated and nauseas, but 4 days in I am feeling 100% better. I am sooo excited to have my next Reiki treatment. The space that you have created is so special and beautiful that it makes your clients feel instantly safe and relaxed…just perfect. I have told all my customers about My Urban Retreat and the ones that don’t think I am completely crazy are dying to make appointments. Looking forward to hearing back from you regarding my next session.

LM, Milnerton, Cape Town


“I had experienced some issues with depression since my early twenties. When I recently had difficulty dealing with grieving over a loved one and it started to impact the way I managed my life in a way that started to have negative effects on my health which led to a few years of adrenal fatigue- I knew something had to change. I had been curious about Reiki for the past 18 months but was a bit scared of the unknown. When my health recently took a severe downward spiral that left me in constant muscle pain and my natural happy demeanor started to flatten I realised it was now or never.

I contacted Charmaine for a Reiki Master Energy Healing session: within the first 5 minutes in chatting to the healer I felt so cared for and a huge sense of relief from the kindness I was receiving. After a really insightful chat with her about why I was coming and what I wanted to gain from my first session I let her begin treatment. I want to state for the record I did not go into this session as a skeptic or a devout believer – I was open to what it could possibly bring to me and I didn’t force myself to feel anything or try to convince myself it was working. Everything that happened felt really natural and organic and came in its own time when I was ready – it’s not often in my life I have felt so safe and yet at the same time not been in control and be ok with that – which for someone who feels safe when things are in control is an amazing feeling of freedom and peace.

I expected to fall asleep because I was so exhausted and highly strung when I arrived for the first session but instead I felt really in touch with every sensation and although I was extremely relaxed and calm, I felt very awake during the session. Every new sensation and emotion was so visceral I wouldn’t imagine why anyone needs artificial highs in their lives i.e. alcohol/drugs which blur your mind when something like Reiki takes you on a natural high/journey that allows you to vividly experience and recall every moment with clarity. One of my big issues resulting from my illness was a lack of focus and the clarity during this session was amazing.

My final word is that during this session I felt like a book that hadn’t been read in a long time, during the session it seemed as if the healer was reading me and each story that needed to be read was being opened & interpreted over the session allowing me to access areas of my life I wasn’t truly addressing.

All in all one of the most positive experiences I have had in my life and I cannot wait to continue the journey. I am sure each experience is very different for each person but I would advise all my loved ones to take the time to try Reiki and see for themselves.”

Thank you”

Tara, Cape Town


“Initially, I went to see Charmaine for anxiety and self esteem issues plus pressure at work.  I have always been introverted but at this time I felt like my dark hole had got deeper but after seeing her I found the courage to step into the light. I had 4 sessions on this occasion and life was manageable again.

It had been about 1.5years before I saw her again but this time it was because Cancer was detected in my body and I grew a tumour in my lung and next to my brain. I didn’t have expectations that Charmaine could help get rid of the Cancer but I knew that she’d be able to help me manage the trauma around this news. I needed some positivity and nurturing as there weren’t many people in my life to help me through this. I knew if I found some inner peace I would be able to keep going and fight this.

I used up all my medical aid on the hospital treatment, which meant I could no longer have my oral chemo so I started a medical trial instead. My chances weren’t good but one day I got the news that my tumours were shrinking rapidly and my count was coming down…. I am now in remission. I saw her for about 8 to 10 discounted sessions this time.

I just want to say thank you to Charmaine for all the support throughout this horrible time. You helped me keep my strength up and my faith that it wasn’t impossible for me to get back to health. After I left each time I came to see you, I would leave on cloud and have no fear inside of me. Although this would only last for a while… I think it definitely helped me keep positive and to keep a fighting spirit.”


“As you mentioned, I would imagine it would be necessary to come for regular sessions especially initially since the anxiety levels are rising again.

I felt extremely relaxed throughout the treatment and after, and I found the scents from the oils and incense you used very calming. I think I need to work on grounding myself a bit more so that I don’t feel off-balanced. It’s always a bit hard being away from family for long periods and I think that’s taken its toll on me. I cannot think of anything that was wrong with the treatment, or that I would change. The music, lighting etc. was perfect and your rooms are beautiful. “

Gabrielle, Cape Town


“I’m feeling fantastic thanks, much more grounded, safe, settled and happy. You are a star. I feel happy, grounded, peaceful and very safe in my own skin, which is a lovely feeling. I’m happy and proud to be a client. I think the treatment was professional, discrete, purposeful, and very peaceful and a moment to just treat myself to something special for me. Your gift was a real gift for me so thank you.

I so appreciate your deals and will definitely be recommending you to friends who just need some TLC, somewhere that is a little oasis in our busy lives. I REALLY needed and enjoyed my session. I’m completely happy with my experience and I look forward to treating myself again soon. Thank you so much again. Loads of love!”

JC, Camps Bay, Cape Town


“Charmaine, you are such a darling! I must say I felt so disoriented after the Reiki, it just shows how much imbalance there must have been. I am truly grateful for such a beautiful moving experience and thank you for all the work you have done and the path you have chosen in your life. Thank you soooo much!”

RW, Cape Town


“Sometimes you go and see a healer or alternative therapist and you are not sure if anything really happened?  This is not the case with Charmaine, you can feel the energy come through as soon as she begins and you know that healing has taken place! Thank You! I can’t believe how I feel after seeing you once.”

Anon, Johannesburg.


“After being in an unhealthy marriage for 5 years I decided to get a divorce in 2011. Because this was such a difficult period, I sought the assistance of a Psychologist to coach my boys and me through this decision. My therapy sessions lasted for 2 years only because my ex-husband could not deal with the marriage ending and often projected this onto the boys and me. This made it hard for me to move on.

Despite the psychotherapy I still found myself stuck in an unpleasant rut, feeling bitter and unable to understand why life has not allowed me to move passed this unhealthy marriage after so long.

My Urban Retreat was recommended by a friend who recognized that I needed something other than psychotherapy to understand why I was stuck before I could move on.

Reiki Healing was recommended to me before, but I rejected the idea, because I was raised in a religious home and this created an inner battle between “right and wrong”.

However, I was also always a firm believer in the fact that there is a very fine line between Fate and Coincidence and that my friend’s advice was guidance from above, especially since it had come to me before. I then decided to try Reiki Healing.

When I started my sessions in February 2014 I needed Reiki Healing at regular intervals, about once a week, because I had allot of emotions to work through. It was not only my unhealthy, failed marriage that I needed to heal from; I also had plenty of anxiety as a result of many things. I had regular Reiki sessions to work through all these issues.

As the months progressed I needed fewer Reiki sessions, because the method was effective from the first session and Charmaine Haig’s coaching also sped up the healing process.

I have been a client of Charmaine’s for the past 9 months and now only have a Reiki session when I need it. I definitely feel more grounded, less cheated and more confident that I am where I am, and things have happened the way they did, because it is part of my life’s journey.

Charmaine has a beautiful energy that is evident during the healing sessions. Her energy and guidance allows me to feel safe in the space of her practice, providing a constructive, effective method for me to communicate with the Universe and to connect with my spiritual self.

Charmaine is a patient, empathetic practitioner and she demonstrates a sincere dedication with helping her clients heal from the hurt that life can bring. 
 Reiki Healing has not washed all my problems away – it is unrealistic to expect that, but My Urban Retreat does provide a safe place for me to retreat to when I need to understand the challenges I am faced with and how I can draw from my inner strength to overcome them.

I did not have this skill before discovering My Urban Retreat and I can confidently say that although I still have my challenges, I also have an inner peace of knowing that the challenges are part of me reaching my Highest Good and that I do own the power to overcome them.

I would recommend My Urban Retreat to anyone experiencing similar challenges as me, who needs a safe and comforting environment to restore their well-being.

I am positive that, with a coach like Charmaine, you will definitely develop your spiritual self and transform into a grounded individual with a much better perspective on the challenges life brings.

RJ, Cape Town


“I was feeling very out of balance both physically & mentally and had heard a lot of positive feedback about Reiki. Therefore, I wanted to go in with an open mind and try the treatment.

I booked in for 4 x 1hr sessions on 4 consecutive days (Mon – Thurs). I will admit that I am not much of a natural healing person and am rather skeptical about these things that aren’t based on a procedure that I can see/touch/wash down with water but as I mentioned, I went in with a totally open mind – otherwise there was no point.

From the first day I started to feel better in terms of balance and energy – I don’t mean energy as in, full of it, as after a strong coffee but instead just more positive & good energy.

The first session I felt like I was a little closed off to the treatment but this passed by the 2nd one and onward as I became more familiar.

By the end of the week I was feeling leaps and bounds better – in terms of both physical and mental health… I would absolutely have Reiki again, in fact… I already have since my initial treatment – a follow up of 2 sessions about 2 weeks after the end of my 4-day course.

Many, Many thanks to Charmaine & My Urban Retreat”

NF, Cape Town


“I had been told about Reiki a few years ago, but had never been for any sessions before.

After talking to a friend of mine who highly recommended Charmaine at My urban retreat, I decided to give it a try.

Having been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer stage three, three years ago I was living with all the side effects of the hormone treatment. Depression, bad sleeping patterns, etc.

At my first session I felt this great heat coming over my body in certain areas, and with the “Angel Music” went to a total relaxation mode. 
 I decided to go for more.

I had so many different “stages” I would feel extremely tired, which would eventually wear off, then feel happy and full of life, its actually quite strange to experience these different stages.

I also felt very depressed at some stage of the treatment, and I don’t know if that is part of the cancer side effects, but it did eventually disappear.

Charmaine made me feel safe and very relaxed in her approach and has a very peaceful approach.

I had been on sleeping tablets for three years and was unable to sleep if I did not take my tablet at night, as well as having to take anti-depressants schedule 5, which are quite strong, and kind of keep you in a blur.

I am now free of sleeping tablets, and no more anti-depressants.

I am able to think clearly and have just returned from a very short and successful business trip to the East, and normally I would have been drained for at least a week after, but I returned on the Saturday and Monday morning I was ready to face whatever was thrown at me.

I am so pleased that I listened to my friend and went to My Urban Retreat. As I said before, I am now so focused; I am able to think clearly.

I have now found a new lease on life. I have had another injection of Reiki and feel great.

If you ever need to contact me or need more information from me regarding Charmaine as a healer & My Urban Retreat, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you Charmaine, so much.”

P.G, Cape Town


“Being in a healing situation is very personal and can make you feel very vulnerable, so for me it’s very important to choose a healer you feel comfortable with. I felt entirely reassured when I met Charmaine – she has such a peaceful energy and compassion. Besides that she has a wealth of healing knowledge and easily facilitates a trusting space for emotional release where one may feel vulnerable…

…When Charmaine started it felt like a wonderful glowing radiance settling over – like a sacred presecence of charged energy both wholesome and nourishing… I went into such a deep state of relaxation, I felt like I had slept for 12 hours non-stop. The session lasted two hours and I wasn’t sure whether I fell into a deep sleep or if I was just suspended in time. Towards the end, Charmaine put crystals on my body along the chakras. I didn’t realise how much of an impact Reiki can have – I seriously felt a huge emotional shift and very deep healing. It was such a nourishing experience, I feel safe to say that it was a life changing experience and I would readily recommend it to anyone.”

Journalist @ Wellness Warehouse Magazine, South Africa

Click this link to see the full printed article.


Charmaine was suggested to me by a friend when I was in Cape Town on holiday after she had attended some of Charmaine’s talks & Reiki sessions.  My Cape Town friend arranged the appointment and dropped me off. I didn’t really know what to expect, except that my friend had told me that Charmaine had a way of explaining things that made everything make sense.

To be honest, I didn’t think that there was anything that could help me, with the way that I was feeling. I had just found out my husband of whom I had been together with for almost 15 years, the father of my 2 children had left me for a younger woman and this is why I hopped on a plane to Cape Town from London. I needed to get away to try and make sense of everything.

I was booked in for Reiki, which I didn’t know much about and to be honest a bit dubious of how something apparently physical was going to help the state of my emotions?? I also didn’t know if she was meant to be some sort of psychic where she was meant to tell me everything and then heal/ guide me? I didn’t know but trusted my friends opinion plus I really needed to get any help being offered.
When I arrived, I immediately felt so welcome and at peace already. Charmaine has a really kind demeanour and is not intimidating like a hypnotherapist or some Doctors! 😉 I immediately opened up and just blurted everything out and the tears were streaming.
Charmaine is an empathic listener and it’s like she just knew pieces of information to help me feel more at ease about the feelings and turmoil I was experiencing. She told me that it was good to feel all the emotions rising within me as it was better than being numb and it surfacing later. She said it was better to deal with them now, feel them, accept them and release them knowing that I owned them right then as they came and they were there for a purpose.
We ended up talking for at least 60 minutes of the 90minute session…. my fault not Charmaine’s and then the Reiki was just the icing on the cake. I was already feeling like a weight had been lifted but then I dropped into a deep, deep stillness as Charmaine guided me through the first part of the healing….. all the tension I’d been holding in my face just lifted and to be honest, I don’t actually know what happened after that except that I came back and felt empowered and strong.
As if I knew I was going to be able to cope somehow. All the whizzing thoughts that had been going around my head had slowed down … I could think clearly and the knot in my stomach had eased.
Just that one session with Charmaine really grounded me and gave me such insight…. the rest of the holiday was still quite tough but I’m quite sure it would have been much tougher if I hadn’t had gone to see Charmaine. I would have loved more sessions with her but I went up the coast.
I look forward to when Charmaine is next in London to see her again and also because I have many friends who could do with her services. If you are dealing with anything like this… you must go and see her.
Delia, London


In total, I have had four reiki sessions with Charmaine. I was absolutely blown away at how brilliantly she has mastered this chosen profession. The energy that comes through definitely feels stronger and different to reiki sessions I have had with other practitioners.
I had two 90minute sessions in October 15  because my cancer had returned and I was very anxious. Having Reiki helped me come to terms with what lay ahead and after the sessions I felt less scared and more at peace with it.
Charmaine has amazing healing abilities and I could feel the energy entering me through her hands, relaxing and calming me. I felt truly amazing after the first session, especially as the chemo had really gotten into my body and had been draining me. The second session was even better, I saw the colours of my chakras as she moved her hands around me. I felt warmth and peace flooding my body and I felt like I was in a deep trance, I felt I really connected with my spirit and higher self. I was able to ask myself questions and feel like I got integral answers.
In Jan 16, I went to see Charmaine in Cape Town, from London and I felt so tired after the trip. I had 2 further 90mins sessions and was totally energised and whole. The second session laid my anxieties to rest and soothed and calmed me with a wonderful warmth and love. After the session it felt as if I was seeing the world with far more clarity.
Charmaine was able to explain where there were blockages in my chakras and how this affects me in every day life. She gave me advice on how I can keep these in balance when I returned to London.  At one stage during the last session, it felt as though there more presences in the room other than Charmaine, helping to re-align & heal me. I almost felt like there was digging in my tummy as something was being pulled out.. being released. It wasn’t uncomfortable but I could definitely feel it. She wasn’t even touching me at this stage.
The space in which she works, is so soothing and spiritual. You can feel that the room has been energetically charged as soon as you walk in. Charmaine has always time for you to chat and impart her wisdom. She is in touch regularly to see how I’m doing.  I would definitely recommend her, especially if you are having chemo and need to detox from the medication, to feel nurtured and lift your energy levels.
AA, London

“The daily affirmations are really helping me get out of my hole… it’s been hard doing the ones in the mirror but I am getting there, I try to do them when I’m in my car – thank you!”

– Anon, Cape Town


“I’ve always wanted to but have never done meditation before… the classes at My Urban Retreat help guide you through and as we are told ‘Practice makes Perfect’…. I have been encouraged to try at home myself for at least 10mins a day and it’s now getting easier, I don’t see so many whooshing images; it has become more still. I am looking forward to doing one of the longer workshops coming up as I think I’m getting the hang of it now! I have started to feel a lot more grounded since I started.””

Meditation Novice, Cape Town


I had a wonderful reiki session with Charmaine. I had been feeling stressed, overwhelmed and stagnant in a few areas of my life. However,  when I arrived and met Charmaine, I immediately felt a sense of calmness and peace. The reiki session itself (approximately 90-120 minutes in length) was really helpful. I hadn’t known exactly what to expect, and although I felt sleepy, I felt a large amount of things shifting in my body throughout (in a peaceful way). I did feel quite exhausted at the end of the session but much more at peace and as the days went on, I felt stronger and clearer about a number of things. I have not yet been back for a furthers session as I feel I have cleared but intend to do so if needed for maintenance.
HC, Cape Town


“Reiki with Charmaine was amazing! She offered the deeply intuitive yet gentle care that I needed at that moment in my life. Reiki with her was the beginning of a long yet necessary journey in healing myself. There’s no one else I’d rather go to for guidance and care.”

OS, U.S.A (living in SA)


Hi Charmaine

You are my hero! Feeling loads better after the session. I appear to have found a bit of perspective and feel less internally cluttered so the world seems much more manageable now. Magic!

LW, Johannesburg