Human Connection & the Gift of Giving & Recieving

Walking to the usual swimming spot for my dog Alfie at the rock pools of Mouille Point, I could see someone sleeping & camouflaged in dark clothes against the black molten rock. I called Alfie away to leave them him in peace and we went to play further up.

Alfie’s excited dog barks as he chased his ball into the water obviously woke up then man and he sat up. I immediately recognised his face as the the gentleman who had kindly thrown Alfie a tennis ball to him as a gift a few days before, the same ball we were playing with this Sunday morning.

The man sat huddled in his jacket and looked out to sea. I wanted to repay the man for his kindness for tennis ball so I decided to give him the money I brought out to grab a coffee and breakfast after dog walking. As I walked over to him he smiled and humbly took the money but then sheepishly looked away. As I had got closer, I could see that he had washed a set a clothes, no doubt in the sea, and they were laying out flat drying in the morning sun.

Alfie and I continued with our walk and returned 30mins later back to the same spot for one last play before heading home. I sat on my usual contemplation rock as Alfie dug at the shoreline much further back from where the man still sitting but still in eyesight. Since I had seen him earlier, he had now changed into a shirt and was doing up his tie.

I felt a bit intrusive watching him but I couldn’t help but wonder about him. Where was he from? How did he end up sleeping on rocks? Perhaps he was a proud man who just couldn’t make it home last night and had to find somewhere to sleep? Had I offended him by giving him money as if he needed it? Perhaps I had unknowingly judged him as being needy?

About 10 minutes later he stood up, packed up his ruck sack and started walking towards me, his trouser legs too short and his shoes worn at the souls. As he got closer he pulled out what appeared to be some white tubes and approached me holding one out gesturing for me to take it.

He smiled brightly and said, “I want to give you a gift. It’s a microphone flute that I made”.

I smiled back and replied, “how kind of you but you don’t need to give me anything, you already gave my dog the ball to play with the other day”. I continued,“I can see that it’s taken some time to make, surely you can sell it and make some money?”

He responded “no, no, giving you something brings me joy, please accept it, it’s my gift to you!” “If we all kept giving to each other and accepting each others gifts the world would be a better place!”

I graciously said thank you and accepted it asking him questions about it and he eagerly and enthusiastically answered showing me how it was made using cork in one end, and sea kelp in the other as the reed, all bound together with sellotape and ****** positioned holes.

After his explanations I said, “Now let me do something for you, I’ll make a video for you and put it out on Facebook. I can’t promise what it will do but perhaps it will help in someway?”

His big smile gave me my answer and I took out my phone to start recording.

For those who may not want to watch the 3minute video clip (apologies in advance for all my “Yup’s in it), this entrepreneurial gentleman’s name is Marco Flute. He makes and sells these flutes but also busks playing his music of which he is self taught using You Tube. He also produced a bamboo flute out of his bag and gives a demonstration, which is reminiscent of pan pipe music, soothing and relaxing and slightly tribal. He also makes these too.

I purposely didn’t ask him about his story as it didn’t seem necessary. He seemed like a very happy and contented soul although I can only guess that every day living may to be so easy for him.

He packed up his things as he was going to church and said he was happy to meet me and that God always provides for him.

He left me with warmth in my heart and deep gratitude for human connection and the thought of how one step to help someone else can possibly a domino effect and helping each other. One must remember that we must also learn to receive by accepting from other as it brings joy to them too! Giving and receiving must always be in balance.

He gave me his email address as microphoneflute@gmail (I double checked with him) but unfortunately is seems not be recognised when I tried to mail him the video.

If you see him in Camps Bay, Seapoint or Mouille and although he didn’t ask for any help I’m sure he would appreciate anything that comes his way or the opportunity to play for you! 🙂

Love & Light,

Charmaine Haig
My Urban Retreat
Cape Town

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