Established in 2012 in De Waterkant Village, we were first a day retreat in a beautiful 4-storey Georgian House for people to pop by and spend the day having healing and nurturing therapies and relaxing on the roof terrace in between. 

We have since evolved and are now a Holistic Wellness Centre specialising  in Life Transformation. 

My Urban Retreat in Sea Point, Cape Town is here to help you bring you and your life back into balance using a range of holistic and well-being therapies for mind, body & soul.

There is something for everyone. We are non-denominational so all are welcome from any background.

There isn’t anything we do or practice that interferes with anyones faith. We only promote happiness and encourage you to make that choice.

We are here to help & guide you with any challenging life issues you may face or just to gently help bring the vitality back into your life through these self development and healing methods…

Let us be your sanctuary in the city!


Our main focus is using Traditional Master Reiki energy healing (Usui) for a range of human discomforts on many levels including Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Environmental.

Based on Chinese Medicine principles, Shiatsu Acupressure helps to relieve stress in the neck, shoulder and back and unblock energy trapped in points in the meridian system and is also a great way to detox the body. Essentially, it’s acupuncture without needles.

Our other therapy using a blend of Eastern and Western concepts is Touch For Health Kinesiology™ using Chiropractic, Meridian Lines, Chinese Medicine Elements and Acupressure points with muscle testing helps your body talk to tell us what it needs.  

We offer a range of well-being classes which are designed around the chakra energy system.

These 30minute classes include meditation, mindfulness. unlocking creativity, connecting with nature, finding your inner peace, de-stressing, releasing negativity and finding a healthy life equilibrium that you are comfortable with.


More recently we have collaborated with the Core Fit Centre to help you strengthen & and connect with your body using a range of Pilates & Yoga.

The Core Fit Team are warm welcoming and dedicated to you getting the best out of your sessions. All groups are small as they concentrate on quality sessions rather than quantity. 

We are nestled between the Mountains and the Ocean in Sea Point. 

We have amazing views either side of the space with Lions Head one side and the stunning evening sunsets with all it’s beautiful colours on the other.

The salty ocean air cleanses and purifies the whole centre as it draws through our beautiful large windows high up from the street below.

Just imagine being able to take your meditation class feeling like you are actually on the mountain. 

Our clients say that they immediately feel relaxed and energised when they enter the space.

My Urban Retreat also loves being here. It has the best energy yet! Bliss!

Welcome to My Urban Retreat…

…helping you find YOUR sanctuary in the city.

Be Still… Meditate

… and find your total well being.

Bring your life back into balance…

with Master Reiki Energy Healing

Breath & let go…

and find inner peace.

Be your authentic self…

Live life on purpose… Be happy!